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Basic Bundle - Website Design

Basic Bundle - Website Design

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The Basic Bundle for Website Design from HeyCally focuses on providing essential website design services.

It includes website updates for seasonal changes or promotions, basic HTML/CSS modifications, app configuration, and the creation of landing pages or templates.

This bundle is suitable for small styling adjustments and foundational website enhancements, offering a straightforward solution for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

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Additional hours to your package

If you need any additional time on your project, you can add an additional 4 hours at a discounted rate.

Website Updates

Perfect for smaller website updates like seasonal changes, adding promotions, basic HTML/CSS changes or configuring apps.

Website Updates

We offer basic HTML/CSS coding - if you're trying to install an app or make small styling changes to your shop - this is for you!

Landing Page Creation

If you need a landing page or template created for a page or product - this option is perfect for you!

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