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Basic Bundle - SEO & Marketing

Basic Bundle - SEO & Marketing

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The Basic Bundle for SEO Marketing from HeyCally is designed to enhance your website's SEO performance with a focused 4-hour service.

It includes website audits to assess SEO health, basic SEO updates for your most visited pages, the creation of engaging blogs and newsletters to increase conversion and assist with backlinks, and the setup of crucial tools like Google Search Console, Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and more.

This bundle is aimed at boosting your site's visibility and engagement effectively.

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Additional hours to your package

If you need any additional time on your project, you can add an additional 4 hours at a discounted rate.

Website Audits & Basic SEO

We can check your storefront's SEO health and perform basic SEO updates to your most visited pages!

Website Audits & Basic SEO

We work with you to create blogs that are designed to be engaging, increase conversion and help with backlinks. Perfect for single campaign.

Submitting your Sitemap & Google Analytics

We can submit your sitemap and setup Google Search Console & Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Microsoft Clarity & more!

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