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Basic Bundle - YouTube & Podcasts

Basic Bundle - YouTube & Podcasts

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The Basic Bundle for YouTube & Podcasts offered by HeyCally is designed to assist content creators with their YouTube and podcast projects.

It includes services such as video uploads, basic video and audio editing, thumbnail creation, and SEO optimization for videos and podcast episodes.

This package is aimed at enhancing the overall quality and reach of your content on these platforms.

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Additional hours to your package

If you need any additional time on your project, you can add an additional 4 hours at a discounted rate.

Upload & Optimize a Video

We can upload your video to YouTube and ensure it is optimized - including thumbnails, chapters, title, description & hashtag strategy.

Upload & Optimize a Video

Similar to YouTube videos, we can upload & optimize your podcast episode.

Video Distribution

We can help launch your new episode with a static image & a reel announcement.

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